New Car Protection Treatment

Typical New Car Protection Treatments have previously been offered by Supagard, Diamonbrite and Autoglym Lifeshine. Welcome to a new era of New Car Protection! Keep that new car look for longer.

Unlike previous New Car Protection Treatments, Crystal Clear Detailing protects the wheels, glass, plastics, fabric and leather as well as the paintwork. All of the products used bond with materials like never before giving you supreme vehicle protection, for longer.

> Protects the finish from the elements
> Easier washing and maintenance
> That new car look for longer
> Resists the build up of swirl marks and abrasion resistant by up to 50%
> Resistance to UV rays and paintwork fade
> Proven to outlast waxes and polymer coatings by 5 times

For many, a car is often the second largest investment in life so taking care of it properly could save you thousands of pounds when you come to sell it again and if you love your car, you’ll love having it detailed. Crystal Clear is contantly striving to become the very pinacle of car care; only using the finest products and a technique refined from years of experience can produce that Crystal Clear shine.

Despite popular belief, new cars often don’t look their best. This treatment has been specifically designed for brand new cars, why not make it’s delivery extra special? Many new cars have swirls marks and light scratches that are only visible in direct sunlight, but dull the finish in all types of light. New cars often also have contamination problems, they are shipped long distances before delivery without any protection which can make the surface of the vehicle rough to the touch. In every sense, (including price, durability and looks) this process is better than any of the dealership applied protection treatments.

Click here to see a video of the New Car Protection Treatment applied to a Ford Focus RS II.

Whats included in the New Car Protection Treatment?

26 Stage Wash Process

Our 26 stage wash process is the most thourough wash process available. We ensure the vehicle is completely clean before we undertake the paintwork correction process.

First of all we start off with a pre-wash (usually a citrus degreaser) to remove any heavy dirt on the lower half of the vehicle before it is pressure rinsed. Next, the alloys are cleaned inside and out using a dedicated proven wheel cleaner to prevent corrosion and discolouration, especially on chromed or powdercoated wheels, which can sometimes occur using common wheel cleaners with a high acid content. After the arches have been scrubbed, we then move onto the wash stage and every precaution is taken not to induce swirl marks by using a lambswool wash mitt in conjunction with the ‘two bucket method’.

1 Stage Paintwork Correction Process

Our paintwork correction process is second to none. This festidious process involves removing any light scratches or swirl marks in the clear coat of the paintwork.

First of all we measure the paintwork depth to identify any low spots which should be avoided when polishing. We then permenantly remove any blemishes in the paint which may have been induced before the car is deleivered to the customer. Despite popular belief, brand new cars rarely look their best.

A one stage polishing process is carried out with the New Car Protection Treatment.

Crystal Clear Lacquer Coating

In order to maintain that “new car look” for the maximum amount of time, we apply nano composite materials to give the most durability. By applying Smart Surface Science, we can protect the paintwork finish underneath, giving your vehicle a deep wet look and making it easier to clean. Unlike a wax or a sealant, these products bond with the surface on a nano scale, offering up to 10 times the durability of dealership applied protection treatments.

And its not just the paintwork either! We apply hydrophobic protective coatings to the windscreen, the interior and the wheels which repel dirt and water. Read more about the Crystal Clear Lacquer Coating here.

Interior Cleaning & Protection

Our treatments arn’t just limited to the exterior! All interior surfaces are vacuumed and cleaned with the same care and attention as with our other processes. Over time, leather can become cracked with the changing temperatures, so it is important that it is conditioned to keep it soft and supple.

Dust is blown out of tight to access areas via a compressed air process and the glass is cleaned with a completely streak free product. The leather and textiles is then protected with a product to prevent staining.

Total time required – 8 hours

Previous work

Crystal Lacquer Coating


Just a short note to thank you for the superb, expert work you have done on my car. I think it looks sensational, and when I parked it to stop for a pint last night I have never had so many people peering at it and making complimentary comments!

Simon Smith

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